Introduction to SignalFox

September 19, 2019

Note: Sorry! But we're fully booked and cannot accept new clients. Free to peruse our free resources on this site. If you are a small business, we are happy to make an agency recommendation for you. However, given our limited time, we are only providing recommendations to businesses that fit the following profile:

  • Minimum $300k/year in revenue (or, if a startup, you have equivalent contracts)
  • Processes to generate leads and sales are in place and you track and understand KPIs
  • You want to scale

To receive our recommendation, please use the contact form on the home page.

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We are happy to help!

SignalFox is now providing free resources to small business owners looking to scale. Our goal is to provide information drawn from experience on how to identify problems worth solving, prioritize those opportunities, and create a strategic plan for growth.

Excellence in digital can bring:

  • Lower cost-per-acquisition
  • Better quality leads
  • More effective pipeline management
  • Revenue growth
  • Great customer satisfaction
  • Higher customer lifetime value

This site provides information on digital strategy, common errors made by small businesses, trends that are useful and trends to avoid.

It draws on my own experiences in consulting and in running my own businesses. The goal is to encourage the small business owner and provide some time-saving, productive ideas.

While the majority of our content will be focused on big picture issues, I will occassionally publish content focused on practical how-tos. These how-tos seek to fill a gap where there may not be content available that's clear and easy to follow.

Practical how-tos, however, are not our chief focus. This is because of the sheer wealth of currently available free or low-cost information already available on the internet.

We also do not set out to provide comprehensive A-Z guidance or courses. There are terrific online resources like LinkedIn Learning that fill that need.

Our Resources

Our current and future content will cover:

  • Digital marketing strategy
  • How to maintain alignment with core business objectives
  • Website design or redesign projects
  • Avoiding brand confusion
  • Effective social media marketing including Facebook advertising
  • Common marketing myths -- including social media myths - that sink small businesses dollars and dilute ROI
  • Elevating the impression a brand makes
  • Developing remkarable customer journeys using multi-channel marketing automation
  • Content marketing and SEO insights
  • Identifying and avoiding useless marketing pitches
  • The "unsexy fundamentals" - practices that get real results but are often overlooked by small businesses
  • Use of AI (artificial intelligence) to gain competitive advantage

I hope that you find some of these insights to be encouraging and of practical use.

Starting, growing, and running a small business is hard work. Our hat's off to you for taking the plunge.

I wish you success in your ventures and a thorough enjoyment of the journey.

Sherrie Gossett  Founder @ Spearfish  Tinkerer @