Introduction to SignalFox

September 19, 2019

SignalFox provides digital advisory services to small businesses looking to scale. We help businesses identify problems worth solving, prioritize those opportunities, and create a strategic plan for growth.

Excellence in digital can bring:

  • Lower cost-per-acquisition
  • Better quality leads
  • More effective pipeline management
  • Revenue growth
  • Great customer satisfaction
  • Higher customer lifetime value

Our Digital Advisory Services

Our advising covers:

  • Digital marketing strategy
  • How to maintain alignment with core business objectives
  • Website design or redesign projects
  • Avoiding brand confusion
  • Effective social media marketing including Facebook advertising
  • Common marketing myths -- including social media myths - that sink small businesses dollars and dilute ROI
  • Elevating the impression a brand makes
  • Developing remkarable customer journeys using multi-channel marketing automation
  • Content marketing and SEO
  • Identifying and avoiding useless marketing pitches
  • The "unsexy fundamentals" - practices that get real results but are often overlooked by small businesses
  • Use of AI (artificial intelligence) to gain competitive advantage

We provide 4 core services:

  1. Digital Channels Assessment We analyze your digital properties and practices, right down to the code. We provide a comprehensive list of opportunities and identify problems worth solving. Then we work with you to prioritze your next action steps on the basis of business impact.
  2. The Frontier Strategy Workshop Many small businesses run marketing and growth tactics on an ad hoc basis. There are multiple tools, sporadic actions, dozens of ideas floated by staff and vendors. How do you cut through the clutter, make sense of it all, in order to take action? And not just any action, but action that gets results? We provide an "aerial view" of your business activities and opportuntiies, and work with you to creating a strategic system that's simple, actionable, measurable, and repeatable.
  3. Advisor retainer A retainer provides you with an ongoing advisory partnership as you implement your strategic plan.
  4. A La Carte service (Per hour consulting on a discrete topic)

What we don't do:

We work with you to create the architectural plan. We don't lay the tile, install the plumbing, and build the deck.

We don't implement, we advise. So we don't implement your strategy for you, we don't create and run campaigns, we don't build or optimize websites, we don't create content, and we don't implement marketing automation.

We work with you to surface opportunties and create a strategic plan. As your partner, we provide knowledge and experience that can save you years of wasted effort.

Who's a Good Fit?

When it comes to our Frontier Strategy Workship and Advisor Retainer we work with clients who have a steady stream of customers but want to scale sustainably.

Businesses that are struggling to get any customers typically have unique needs that we feel are better served by other solutions.

For example, in some cases the business model may be flawed and need to be reassessed. The targeted audience may be wrong, or key staff may need to work on basic digital (and marketing) literacy.

If that describes your business, we hope you'll take advantage of the free resources on this site. We'll be publishing educational videos soon and some will be geared to business owners who have just launched their first business or are new to the digital aspects of doing business.

There are many online resources available for free covering every aspect of running a digital business. That's one of the great things about living in the "Internet Era." You're always just one Google search away from answers, opportunities, and profit.

That said we do provide A la Carte advising, short-term, to businesses that are "stuck" or unable to obtain customers. We're happy to povide information that can reveal your next options to you.

Ready to Work With Us?

Use our contact form to set up an exploratory phoner or to send us some preliminary questions. We're looking forward to hearing your story!